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13 March 2024

Last year’s Northern European Zone “Porsche” champion Valters Zviedris will start the 2024 season next week in Italy, competing in the first round of the prestigious “24H Series” championship. Latvia’s leading road racing pilot will participate in the “12H Mugello” endurance race together with Lithuanian drivers Aurelijus Rusteikas, Mantas Janavičas, and Marius Bartkus, piloting the latest generation Porsche 911 GT3 CUP vehicle.

After winning the “Porsche Sprint Challenge NEZ” title last season, Valters is ready to go further this season and prove himself in the competition in Western Europe. The first appearance on the international stage will be on the 22-24 March, when the Latvian pilot will make his debut in the “24H Series” championship as part of the professional Italian “Ebimotors” team. More than 40 teams from 13 countries will take part in the legendary Mugello circuit. The largest number of teams – 17 – have entered the Porsche 992 class, which promises exciting battles for Valters and his team.

“I am happy that I will start the year 2024 with a 12-hour endurance race on the Mugello track together with my Lithuanian teammates Aurelius, Mantas, and Marius. This is a wonderful opportunity to wake up from hibernation and prepare for the next Porsche season, as I will be able to spend a lot of time behind the wheel of the Porsche 911 GT3 CUP. Endurance racing has always been close to my heart because I love teamwork when everyone works together to achieve a good result. The championship is very strong, so it will be interesting to compare myself with the pilots who regularly race in this competition,” says Valters Zviedris about the upcoming start in Italy.

Continuing, the Latvian pilot admits “I am ready for the first competition of the season, because at the end of January, I completed the first laps of this year at the wheel of a Porsche 911 GT3 CUP vehicle in tests in Barcelona. I have also started learning the Mugello circuit in the simulator – it is very interesting, with fast turns, terrain, and a long straight where it will be possible to reach more than 270 km/h. The track is exciting both for driving and watching, so I invite everyone to follow the live broadcast, which is always with high quality in this championship”. It will be possible to watch the live broadcast of the “12H Mugello” race both on the YouTube platform and on the Motorsport.TV website.

24H Series, Mugello 12hr, 2023 – Photo – Lazenby Visuals

Valters will go to Italy already on Tuesday to take part in tests with his teammates on Wednesday and get to know the exciting Mugello circuit on Thursday, where the F1 stage was also held back in 2020. Final practice will be held on Friday morning, while qualifying races will take place in the afternoon. The 12H Mugello race itself is divided into two parts due to noise regulations – the first part will take place on Saturday afternoon, followed by the second part, and the finish on Sunday morning.

In parallel with the start of the endurance competition, Valters and the team are currently working on taking a big step forward and completing a full sprint season in one of the most valuable Porsche championships in Europe. Thanks to reliable supporters such as “Baltijas Sporta Auto – Porsche Latvija”, “Optibet Latvija”, “Industrial Service Partner”, Jūrmala, “Blue Shock Race”, “Joker club”, “Energolukss”, “I-Con” and SIA “Dārta”, Latvia’s leading road racing pilot is very close to the goal of competing in Europe. “We are so close to this unique opportunity, that’s why we are still working and looking for supporters who could help us show ourselves and Latvia in Europe,” concluded Valters Zviedris about the upcoming season.

12H Mugello race schedule (Latvian time):

Friday, 22 March, 15:30-16:30 qualification

Saturday, 23 March, 13:30-20:00, part 1 of the competition

Sunday, 24 March, 10:00-15:30, part 2 of the competition

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