Valters testing the first Latvian TCR class car
Engine problem puts an end to “Aurum 1006km” race

Valters participating at the Aurum 1006 km endurance race in Palanga



Car driver from Jurmala Valters Zviedris, who has represented Latvia in FIA Motorsports Games 2019, is 5 times Latvian champion in karting and sports master, will be the only Latvian participating in the 1006 km endurance championship in Palanga, Lithuania. It will take place this week, 15-18 July 2020, and it will be already the 21st time this interesting competition is happening. He will compete with more than 100 other drivers from Lithuania, Estonia and the United Kingdom, with 30 fast and impressive cars – Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW, VW TCR, Seat TCR etc. These cars will compete on a highway track near the Palanga city. As this race usually takes around 8-9 hours until the leader reaches the finish line, it could be compared to Baltic “Le Mans”. It is one of the largest events in Lithuanian motosports, and different disciplines like drift, drag racing and others also take place at the same time. As the Covid-19 situation has not allowed to organize many events this year, this festival with its programme and concerts sounds like a great plan for the weekend! More information on the event here –

This year Valters continues his partnership with last years champions in Baltic and North European Zone championships – DHL/Čapkausas Racing, in which Valters had a great debut last year with 2nd place in TCR and 3rd place overall in Riga Summer Race 2019. With his performance he helped to gain team’s triumph in the overall stats of season 2019. Each team for endurance race features 3 to 4 drivers. This year together with Valters will drive Titas Čapkauskas, the 18 years old son of the team’s owner, also the talented Henrikas Mtijošaitis and the experienced Audrius Stasiulevičius. To fight for the win, 28 teams will go on the track, 4 TCR class cars will be among them, and Valters with his teammates will fight with SEAT Cupra TCR-DSG.

Due to Covid-10, this year has been unpredictable for all of us, and it has impacted the racing calendar. Despite that, Valters has trained on a digital environment with simulator with Legend Cars and other virtual competitions with GT and other road cars. Due to the lockdown, this kind of championships gained a lot of popularity.

To maintain a good physical form, Valters has particated in two Latvian karting championship rounds. Although this is not a primary sports for us, it plays an important role to have a good physical form for starts at the road racing. On both rounds Valters managed to win in qualification and prefinal races, but in finals due to some technical mistakes he gained 4th and 2nd places. Valters is competing via BIREL Art Baltics team and with their karting.

This year Valters plans to take part in two NEZ6H endurances races in Parnu and Riga, as well as in Finnish and NEZ Championships with Legend car. First Finnish championship round is planned to take place in 1 August in recently opened Kymi ring race track near Kuoavala, Finland. Valters and his team expresses thanks to Jurmala City Council for sponsoring participation costs for many years, and to other supporters – SIA “Optibet”, “”, “Gatorz Eyewear Europe”, “Joker Klubs”, ”I-Con”, “KDM Print”, “Rosenso Marketing”, “2BCreative”, “” and others.