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Sportsman of the year 2021 in Jurmala




On 3 January, the best athletes of the year 2021 were awarded in Jurmala. Jurmala’s “Athletes of the Year” title was awarded to the beach volleyball player Tīna Laura Graudiņa and to the motorsport driver Valters Zviedris. Overall, the prizes were awarded in a total of 14 nominations.

The winners of the title were greeted by Rita Sproģe, Deputy Chairman of the Jurmala City Council.


Valters Zviedris, a driver of the “Jurmala Papa’s racing team”, has been named the “Athlete of the Year in Jurmala”. The athlete has won 1st place in the prestigious TCR car class of the Baltic Touring Car Championship, the 1st place in the “DeWalt Grand Prix” and “Motul GP” highway race, the 1st place in the “Estonian Grand Prix” TCR sprint, the 2nd place in the 2nd stage of the BMW325 Cup competition, 3rd place for DD2 karting, 10th place in the 7th stage of the “Touring Car” championship. He competed also in the 1st stage of “Rotax Eurotrophy” in Belgium and is the only representative of Latvia among more than 140 drivers who competed in the prestigious “Aurum 1006 km” endurance competition in Lithuania.

The annual awards in sports in Jurmala are awarded for the 22nd time to honour the athletes for their success and thank those who have promoted a healthy and sporty lifestyle among the people of Jurmala.

Previously, Valters three times was awarded the nomination “Athlete of the year in technical sports” in Jurmala.


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